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Signs of Identity Theft

Detecting Identity Theft: Catch Theft Early To Minimize Loss

Early detection of identity theft is vital to minimizing losses. But what are the signs that you may actually be a victim?

The following situations could be the results of innocent errors, but it is important to treat them as threats and to search for their causes.

You should take immediate action if you:

Most importantly, take action if:

If you do find inaccurate information on your credit report, donít fret too much.

There are ways to get the information removed, but it can be a timely process.

To get started, call the credit bureau with which you found incorrect information, or visit their web site for information on how to report credit fraud.

It may seem like this is a lot to watch out for. Thatís because it is a lot, especially with so many distractions and responsibilities in every day life.

For this reason, you should try to eliminate excess clutter in your life by doing things like removing yourself from junk mail lists and call lists.

The less information you have coming in, the less you have to sift through and worry about.

The safety and protection of your identity lies in your hands. Therefore, it is crucial that you are acutely aware of the signs of identity fraud.

Make a conscious effort to review your financial statements and credit reports.

Write a reminder down in your calendar if you need to, and be sure to take action against any threats right away in order to minimize your damages before they worsen.

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