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Fighting Back Against Identity Thieves Since 2002..

When you see your family and friends going through the aggravating torment of identity theft.. and all the emotional trauma & financial hardship that goes along with it.. You begin to think..


That’s what I proclaimed! I’m sick & tired of how easy it has become for these crooks to take out credit cards in our name, secure home mortgages, and wreck complete havoc on our lives.

“It’s TIME to FIGHT Back!”

The federal government has done LITTLE to curve the spread of identity fraud.

Unfortunately, it’s terribly confusing for most people to jump through all the hoops & ropes required to protect our identity.

In the search to protect my own identity, I came upon all sorts of identity theft prevention “packages”.. But which one was legitimate? Which one would actually secure my identity?

The fact is, there are very few companies that will completely secure your identity.. And there are PLENTY of companies which provide “Credit Monitoring” which is a poor excuse for identity theft prevention.

In fact, out of the 14 identity theft services I’ve reviewed, I only found 1 service that PRO-ACTIVELY secures against identity theft! Check out my review of LifeLock to get more information.

I encourage you to contact me if you want to share your frustrations about this burdensome crime.

Take Care,


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