Here is what the experts have to say:

"As a fraud prevention measure, LifeLock trumps credit monitoring at filling an industry void."

Javelin Research
Independent Study
December, 2006

Having endured 15 years of a myriad of inaccurate credit reporting, the service that LifeLock provides is priceless. As data breaches continue to grow at alarming rates, and the obvious inability of the credit agencies to protect and monitor our credit data, this is a service that is invaluable to consumers. The types of credit monitoring services offered by various creditors and the credit reporting agencies -simply don't work. Their services are designed to raise profits for the credit industry and have very little effectiveness, if any, in guarding our identities. Initially, I was very leery of placing my trust in the effectiveness of LifeLock's services and their commitment to provide a product of real value to consumers –one that actually works. I soon found that their promises to provide a product that actually worked were kept and their efforts have allowed them to grow into a company that stands out from the plethora of other companies who claim to offer the same services...and fail.

As I said, I am a consumer- turned consumer advocate after suffering for many years with continued inaccurate credit reporting and identity theft. I continue to speak to countless consumers who trust and respect my opinion and therefore, I would not recommend a product that I did not feel met my expectations and was of value to a consumer. I can tell you first hand LifeLock's product has exceeded my initial expectations and excels above the many credit monitoring services on the market.

Denise Richardson

The only solutions thus far for consumers have been reactive - by then, it's too late. I've looked at their systems, processes and procedures. LifeLock's system works. I've joined their Board of Advisors and I'm pleased to associate my name with them.

Inder P. Singh
Former Global Chief Information Officer
Visa International
July, 2005

LifeLock is well-poised to earn the leadership position in a category that is in dire need of a tangible solution to protect consumers. There's nothing out there like it.

Luke Helms
Former Vice Chairman
Bank of America