Identity Theft Statistics


  • 27 Million Americans Were Victims of Identity Theft in the Last 5 Years!!!
  • More than 15 MILLION Identities will be stolen in 2008. That means that one identity will be stolen every 2.1 SECONDS.
  • About 500,000 children had their identities stolen last year.
  • It takes consumers close to 200 HOURS and OVER 2 YEARS to restore their identity after they've been stolen and some people are dealing with the crime FOUR YEARS LATER.
  • The average loss of funds in the case of identity theft was $3,257 in 2006, UP from $1,408 in 2005, and is expected to increase in 2008.
  • Identity thieves can cost businesses and consumers more than $50 BILLION in a year.
  • Identity theft victims are also recovering less of the lost cash. In 2005 an average of 87 PERCENT of funds were recovered; In 2006 that had dropped to 61 PERCENT. Additionally, the average loss in the opening of a fraudulent new account has more than DOUBLED over that time, from $2,678 to almost $6,000.