"I'm SHOCKED To Find Only 1 Company That Provides A Completely Pro-Active Identity Theft Solution... And Backs It With A $1,000,000 Guarantee!"


With Life Lock, you receive a phone call if anyone tries to take out credit in your name! This verification process stops identity thieves cold, and secures your identity from financial identity theft.


The Solution:


How Does Life Lock Protect Your Identity?

  Life Lock
Fraud Alert
Daily Credit Monitoring
Identity Theft Insurance $1,000,000
Free Credit Reports
24/7 Phone Support
Junk Mail Opt-Out
Lost Wallet Protection
Covers Children
Price Adults: $9/Month

Kids: $2/Month

Why people are signing up for Life Lock

  • Fraud Alerts - Life Lock is the only service which provides pro-active identity theft protection using "Credit Alerts". A Credit Alert ensures that you will receive a phone call before someone is able to take out any type of credit in your name.

  • Identity Theft Insurance - Life Lock is the only company providing $1,000,000 insurance policy if your identity is in any way compromised.

  • Free Credit Reports - Instantly receive your FREE credit reports from the 3 major credit bureaus.

  • Stop Credit Card Junk Mail - Completely eliminate junk mail credit cards.. Identity thieves love to steal your mail and fill out credit offers in your good name!

  • Lost Wallet/Purse Protection - If your purse or wallet is stolen, Life Lock will provide complete 24/7 assistance to help you cancel your credit cards and restore lost documents.


“We looked at a number of companies and found LifeLock had the best product for protecting people from ID theft plus much more. I wish we had found them before my wife and I recently became victims.”

Bobby Joe Harris
Retired Chandler (AZ) Police Chief

“Trying to solve the problems from ID Theft is more frustrating than returning unwanted presents the day after Christmas. I’ll never go through that again because of LifeLock.”

Sean Simpson
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

As the owner of a small business my employees are an extension of my family. I looked into LifeLock and immediately paid to sign everyone up. I just couldn’t live with myself if one of my employees had to deal with the problems of ID Theft and I could have prevented it with LifeLock.”

Brian Tritch
Applied Creative
Phoenix, Arizona


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